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“The Best Bear in All the World” (2016)

When Return to the Hundred Acre Wood was released in 2009, the Winnie-the-Pooh book series had its first official sequel in eighty-one years. Sure, there had been Disney films and plenty of books, but not since A. A. Milne’s The House at Pooh Corner had there been an official continuation of the book series. That book featured a slightly older Christopher Robin coming back to the Wood and playing older-kid games with his toys such as building a pretend school, a spelling bee, and even playing cricket. I have no idea whether it was a success or not, but it was perhaps inevitable that the Trustees of the Pooh stories would go back to the well one more time. In 2016, they published the second “official” sequel to the Pooh stories, The Best Bear in All the World. For fans of the series and its characters, we have four more short stories featuring Christopher Robin  and his friends. 

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