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It will be an impossible task: reviewing every episode of Doctor Who, in order. Unlike a few of these review sites, I plan to look at the individual episodes in addition to summary posts about each of the serials. Especially for the early seasons, this will be crazy: the first couple of seasons each had more than 40 episodes each.  But there is no time to start like the present!

My plan will be to review each episode one-by-one, just as the original viewers would have experienced them. I have seen many of the old episodes, but for the purpose of the review I will write each recap/review with each episode; I will not look ahead. After each serial, as well as when we have a change of Doctor or companions,  I will put together a separate overall look at that character or serial. Naturally this will get tricky down the road, but I have a long way to go even before the first companion (Susan) steps out of the TARDIS.

Here are the episodes I have reviewed so far:

Season One (40 episodes):

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  1. Well, you’ve got yourself another reader then— Doctor Who is one of the coolest shows on Earth! Just out out interest, what are you going to do with the lost episodes – listen to the audio recordings?

    1. I already have them on audiobook! Yes, there are some great recordings of the lost episodes with linking narration. It will not be exactly as nature intended, but it will do.

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