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New Site, Old Stuff

Let’s imagine that you had a website that had not seen a major update in years. The HTML was lovingly hand-crafted, full of “TABLE” tags and rendering tricks that worked fine for Internet Explorer 5 but have not been necessary since the Clinton Administration? Got that mental image? Good.

Now toss it in the trash because it’s time to move on. This site is intended to be a place where I can place random things that do not fit on the more “serious” religion blog.

There are still some items on the old site that had been deep-linked to and which may be of some interest. I will keep a prominent link here to the “Wonderful World of Linux” series which is why I suspect most people still visit this ancient page, but if you want to trawl any of the other old items:

I will also be reposting some stuff from semi-public blogging projects which never properly saw the light of day as I start on new material.