Ultima 1 Hints

Section 1: Exploring the World


This section contains questions regarding the world of Ultima 1 and walking around. It does NOT deal with any quest in general.

  • Q: My God! The world is big! How is it arranged?
  • A: The world is arranged in 4 continents. Each continent has 2 castles and 8 towns. I don’t know how many caves. Unfortunately, all of the continent’s towns mirror each other except for the name. For instance, the cities of Britain and Arnold are exactly the same except for the name. Ditto for the castles. I’m not sure if the dungeons follow this pattern or not.
  • Q: How can I get to the other continents and islands?
  • A: In some towns, there is a transportation shop. Any boat or airship EXCEPT the shuttle will do.
  • Q: What are the signposts?
  • A: The signposts are apparently holy places similar to the Shrines of later Ultimas. By ‘entering’ a signpost, you can gain valuable weapons or abilities. I think that there are 8 of them. (Also the same as the 8 Virtues) However, there are only 2 on Britain.
  • Q: My map appears to be wrong, what are the actual locations on the continents?
  • A: Clockwise from the upper right, they are: Lands of the Feudal Lords, Lands of the Dark Unknown, Lands of Lord British, Lands of Danger and Despair.
  • Q: I seem to have lost my maps (*wink* *wink*), where can I find new ones?
  • A: Try on the Ultima Dragon’s Ultima 1 homepage: http://www.why.com/ultima/ultima1
  • Q: What is the best way to gain experience?
  • A: Fighting in the dungeons is the best way. That way, no food is used and you gain hit points every time you return to the surface.


  • Q: How big are the dungeons?
  • A: All of the dungeons have 10 levels. Some of the dungeons, however require magic to travel all the way to the bottom.
  • Q: Help! I’m lost in a dungeon. What can I do to get out.
  • A: By far, the easiest way to get to a certain level of a dungeon or to get out of one, is the 2 ladder spells: Ladder Up and Ladder Down. They are cheap. Stock up.
  • Q: But that doesn’t help me! I need out NOW. I can’t very well get a spell while I’m in a dungeon, can I?
  • A: No, you can’t. Try the old getting out of a maze trick: Follow a wall. Keep going until you find a ladder up. It is possible, that there is no way to get to the ladder up from where you are. Try descending and looking for another ladder. If all else fails, restore.


  • Q: How do I get into space?
  • A: Buy a shuttle. They are available in numerous towns, usually a town by a castle.
  • Q: Now that I’m in space, what do I do?
  • A: A shuttle can either land on a planet or pull into stardock. Try carefully, flying to the one nearby.
  • Q: What is the differences between the ships?
  • A: The shuttle is the only one that can land on a planet, but it can’t hyperjump. The fat ship is a cargo ship: lots of fuel but little staying power. The smaller one is a fighter. It has good shields, but can’t go very far.
  • Q: Ok, I’ve jumped across the galaxy. Now I’m running out of fuel and want to return home…but I can’t find it! Where is it?
  • A: Close to the center of the map. It is shown as a + instead of a o, even though it has a sun.
  • Q: Are any of the ports important?
  • A: No. But you can refuel or change ships.


  • Q: Do you have any pointers on overland combat?
  • A: Stay away from the oceans unless you have to. A magician should use a magic missile spell. If you have one, fire a range weapon to weaken the opponent before he can get to you.
  • Q: How about while in the dungeons?
  • A: Do not descend to the next odd-numbered level unless you know what you are doing and are prepared to deal with it. (3, 5, 7, etc.) the same that applies to range weapons in overland combat applies to here as well.
  • Q: And in space?
  • A: Stay at speed 1. Keep tracking the enemy until the ship has a visible passenger section (a center to the H) Aim slightly above the target and try not to waste energy on foolish shots. Do not approach a ship that is on the end of the screen, it isn’t worth it.

Section 2: The Quests


  • Q: What in the world is the point of this game???
  • A: Try talking to the bartender. A lot.
    A2: The point of this game is to travel back 1000 years in time and defeat the evil Mondian and destroy a gem which he would later use to try to take over the world. You must perform quests to get the gems and the time machine in which to use.
  • Q: How many quests are there?
  • A: 8. 2 on each continent. 4 continents. There are 4 “Kill” quests and 4 “Find” quests. Only the “Kill” quests need to be solved. In addition, you must travel in space and become a “space ace” for a side quest that you discover in the Lands of the Dark Unknown.
  • Q: In what order should the quests be completed?
  • A: There are 2 schools of thought: Solve all of the quests on each continent before flying/sailing to the next. They would be done in the following order: Lands of Lord British, Lands of the Feudal Lords, Lands of the Dark Unknown, Lands of Danger and Despair. The other way, is to either not do the “find” quests, or do them first, gaining experience and levels for the harder “kill” quests. This (and all of my documents) assume the first way.


  • Q: Where can I find a gelatinous cube?
  • A: On the 3rd or 4th levels of any dungeon.
  • Q: Where can I find the Grave of the Lost Soul
  • A: Look in the Lands of Danger and Despair


  • Q: Where can I find a carrion creeper?
  • A: On the 5th and 6th levels of any dungeon.
  • Q: Where is the Southern Sign Post?
  • A: Look in the Lands of the Dark Unknown


  • Q: Where can I find a lich?
  • A: On the 7th and 8th levels of any dungeon
  • Q: Where is the Pillar of Ozymandias?
  • A: Look in the Lands of the Feudal Lords
  • Q: How do I become a space ace?
  • A: The tavern keeper knows…
    A2: Get a shuttle and blast off. Destroy 20 alien fighters and return.
  • Q: How do I “save” a princess?
  • A: Enter the castle and attack the Jester. He has a key. It *might* open the door in the prison. If it doesn’t, too bad. If it does, lead the princess outside (killing the guards on the way…).


  • Q: Where do I find a Balron
  • A: On the 9th and 10th levels of any dungeon.
  • Q: Where is the Tower of Knowledge
  • A: Look in the Lands of Lord British
  • Q: What happens when I take 9 things from Shamino?
  • A: Beats me. I can’t figure it out…


  • Q: How do I beat Mondain?
  • A: Use a missile weapon. Try to get him on the far left side of the screen. Just keep pounding him.

Section 3: Ultima Information


  • Q: What towns/etc will appear in later games?
  • A: Hmmm…. Here’s a list, it may not be complete:
    • Britania uses gold coins as the money in all games.
    • Lord British appears in U1-7 and UW2.
    • Iolo appears in U1-7.5
    • Gwino appears in U1-3
    • Shamino appears in U4-7.5
    • Shamino’s Castle appears in U1 and U7.5
    • White Dragon appears in U1, U7.5
    • White Dragon’s Castle appears in U1, U7.5
    • LB’s Castle appears in U1-7
    • Paws appears in U1, U3-7
    • Moon appears in U1, U3 and a version in 7.5
    • Fawn appears in U1, U3 and 7.5
    • Montor appears in U1 and 7.5. 2 versions are in U3 (west and east).
    • Yew appears in U1, U3-U7
    • Linda appears in U1-2
    • Lands of Lord British is later called Sosaria and Britania
    • Lands of Danger and Despair is later called New Sosaria and Serpent Isle

  • Q: I really didn’t want to know that bad… Where can I buy these fabulous games?
  • A: At a store near you. U1-6 are currently available in one CD package. UW1 and 2 are also on a CD.
  • Q: What are all of these games called?
  • A: Here’s another list:
    1. First Age of Darkness
    2. Revenge of the Enchantress
    3. Exodus
    4. Avatar
    5. False Prophet
    6. ?
    7. Black Gate and Forge of Virtue
      Part 2: Serpent Isle and Silver Seed
    8. Pagan
    9. Ascension (not yet released)

    And the Underword series:

  • Stygian Abyss
  • Labrinth of Worlds

  • And the Worlds of Ultima series:
  • Maritan Dreams
  • ?


  • Q: I really want to learn more about Ultima as I really enjoy the games. Is there someplace that I can go to learn more?A: Try UDIC. They are located at http://www.why.com/ultima and you can become a member just by filling out a form. They post to alt.games.ultima.dragons, you don’t have to be a dragon to post there either. You can learn lots of stuff.

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