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In the next couple of weeks, over on The Adventure Gamer, I will be playing Seastalker. I mentioned this earlier in my review of a Hardy Boys mystery, and I am presently working my way through stories featuring Tom Swift, Jr. and Nancy Drew. All of these young-adult novels were written by Jim Lawrence, but you would never know it from their covers. Jim was a dedicated ghostwriter, creating fiction that he would never get credit for. Nonetheless, I have become quite interested in his history and have started to pull together a bibliography of his books based on various sources that I found online. This is most likely not a complete list. This is made more complicated by the fact that there are at least three authors named Jim (or James) Lawrence, including one artist who worked in comics. Trying to separate out which Mr. Lawrence wrote what has been quite a challenge!

That’s where you come in. Do you know of any additional works by Jim Lawrence? Do you have details of specific radio play scripts that he wrote? If so, please drop me a note below. For everyone else, here is the list that I have gathered so far:

Books by Jim Lawrence (aka James Duncan Lawrence)

Title Series Number Year Notes
Tom Swift and his Atomic Earth Blaster Tom Swift 5 1954
Tom Swift and his Outpost in Space Tom Swift 6 1955
Tom Swift and his Diving Seacopter Tom Swift 7 1956
Tom Swift on the Phantom Satellite Tom Swift 9 1956
The Ghost At Skeleton Rock Hardy Boys 37 1957
Tom Swift and his Ultrasonic Cycloplane Tom Swift 10 1957
Tom Swift and his Deep-Sea Hydrodome Tom Swift 11 1958
Tom Swift in the Race to the Moon Tom Swift 12 1958
Tom Swift and his Space Solatron Tom Swift 13 1958
The Mystery At Devil’s Paw Hardy Boys 38 1959
With Andrew Svenson
Tom Swift and his Electronic Retroscope Tom Swift 14 1959
The Mystery Of The Chinese Junk Hardy Boys 39 1960
Tom Swift and his Spectromarine Selector Tom Swift 15 1960
Tom Swift and the Cosmic Astronauts Tom Swift 16 1960
Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X Tom Swift 17 1961
Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung Tom Swift 18 1961
Tom Swift and his Triphibian Atomicar Tom Swift 19 1962
Tom Swift and his Megascope Space Prober Tom Swift 20 1962
Tom Swift and the Asteroid Pirates Tom Swift 21 1963
Tom Swift and his Repelatron Skyway Tom Swift 22 1963
The Disappearing Floor (1964 Edition only) Hardy Boys 19 1964
Tom Swift and his Aquatomic Tracker Tom Swift 23 1964
Tom Swift and his 3-D Telejector Tom Swift 24 1964
Tom Swift and his Polar-Ray Dynasphere Tom Swift 25 1965
Tom Swift and his Sonic Boom Trap Tom Swift 26 1965
The Secret Warning (1966 Edition) Hardy Boys 17 1966
Tom Swift and his Subocean Geotron Tom Swift 27 1966
Tom Swift and the Mystery Comet Tom Swift 28 1966
X Marks the Spy Christopher Cool 1 1967
Mission: Moonfire Christopher Cool 2 1967
Department of Danger Christopher Cool 3 1967
Ace of Shadows Christopher Cool 4 1967 Maybe
Tom Swift and the Captive Planetoid Tom Swift 29 1967
Binky Brothers, Detectives Binky Brothers 1968
with Leonard P. Kessler
Heads You Lose Christopher Cool 5 1968 Maybe
Tom Swift and his G-Force Inverter Tom Swift 30 1968
Trial by Fury Christopher Cool 6 1969 Maybe
Binky Brothers and the Fearless Four Binky Brothers 1970
with Leonard P. Kessler
The Man from Planet X #1: The She-Beast Man From Planet X 1 1975
The Man from Planet X #2: Tiger by the Tail Man From Planet X 2 1975
The Man from Planet X: The Devil to Pay Man From Planet X 3 1975
The Sting Of The Scorpion Hardy Boys 58 1979
Night Of The Werewolf Hardy Boys 59 1979
Mystery Of The Samurai Sword Hardy Boys 60 1979
The Apeman’s Secret Hardy Boys 62 1980
Race Against Time Nancy Drew 66 1982
Clue in the Ancient Disguise Nancy Drew 69 1982
Bobbsey Twins: The Music Box Mystery Bobbsey Twins 9 1983
ESP McGee and the Haunted Mansion ESP McGee 1983
The Silver Cobweb Nancy Drew 71 1983
The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew 72 1983
Bobbsey Twins: The Ghost in the Computer Bobbsey Twins 10 1984
The Mysterious Image Nancy Drew 74 1984
The Bluebeard Room Nancy Drew 77 1985
The Phantom of Venice Nancy Drew 78 1985
The Cutlass Clue A. I. Gang 2 1986
The Ugly Duckling 1987
The Three Billy Goats Gruff 1987
The Gingerbread Boy 1987
Henny Penny 1987
Shy Little Kitten’s Secret Place Little Golden Books 1989
The Shoemaker and the Christmas Elves 1993


Comics by Jim Lawrence

Note that in some of these cases, Mr. Lawrence may have contributed only a fraction of the scripts.

  • James Bond newspaper comics (1966-1984)
  • Captain Easy newspaper comics (1969-??)
  • Friday Foster newspaper comics (1970-1974)
  • Buck Rogers newspaper comics (1979-1981)
  • Joe Palooka newspaper comics (??)

Radio Play Scripts by Jim Lawrence

  • Green Hornet (1949-1950) (two episodes)
  • Sargent Preston of the Yukon / Challenge of the Yukon (1949-1950)
  • Sky King (??)


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